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DPulse/IxON - Electro Therapy DPulse/IxON - Electro Therapy

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The use of automation in this song just blew my mind. You made FL Studio sound way more professional than I have ever heard anyone else make it. I use FL as well, so to see what you made it do was just awesome. I really liked the way you made all your own sounds as well, I couldn't pick out one preloaded sound in the whole song.. other than maybe the choir. I've been listening to this song at least once an hour for the past day or so. It has real staying power.

When I first heard the synth that comes in at 1:07 I anticipated the third note in the progression. I thought "Oh, this progression has been used way too much," but then it totally fooled me D: It sounds sooo sick, and totally original. What synth did you use for that by the way? I'm pretty curious.

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DigitalPulse responds:

You are right on about your automations, we had about 12-20 automations. And for the sounds, only the pad was a preset, but it was EQ'ed to our liking.

As for the synths, we used 3xOsc for the bass and TS404 for the plucks.

Thanks for the review,

Digital Pulse

don´t ask me why don´t ask me why

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. . .

You know, in all seriousness, you could have albums out there. You've got enough talent and enough variety to do it. I'm not saying you'd be huge, because not everyone is into your style, but I could really see you with a record deal. Do you do all this by yourself? Production, playing instruments, singing, songwriting, all you?

Needless to say, it's a good song. Not my favourite of yours, I just kinda decided this is where I'd leave a review. :P

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a-rest responds:

thanx for your very kind comment.
yes, most of all i do by myself on most of the songs, with a little help by my brother.
the other songs with the help of some real good friends, i noticed it. composed are all by myself. production? what production? what´s that?;)

&amp;gt;&amp;gt;LOZ: The Lullaby of Time&amp;lt;&amp;lt; >>LOZ: The Lullaby of Time<<

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I saw the title of this and went, "Oh look, another Zelda remix topping the charts." I was expecting another techo-ish remix of a classic, and was thinking it's interesting how people really cling to the familiar melodies and capitalize on their popularity. I'm not saying I don't enjoy them, because some are really well done, but it's a tired concept.

This, however, blew me away. I'm honestly amazed it's doing so well, not because I don't like it, but because it's very different from what's usually popular on here. All I can say is I'm glad it was well received enough that it caught a spot so high on the rankings, and thus caught my eye, because listening to it was a real treat.

To be brief, I love it. It was familiar and yet unique. Your voice is great, and while it could, for all I know, just be the FX making it sound that way, you could still probably make a career of it if that were the case. There are plenty of artists out there using vocoders on every song they put out, and your voice sounds better than most of theirs anyway .

Very good stuff! :)

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VGSongbird responds:

Thank You ^_^
I would love to make a career out of it, but isn't it amazing how most of the time being a successful singer has nothing to do with your voice?

And I know what you mean; the remixes on this site often are techno beats, and that's why I like to change it up a little bit. My sister did a remake too--actually she did hers before mine--and I think it really inspired me to try too.

A Cool Night's breeze A Cool Night's breeze

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I can totally see what you mean about the hotel lobby thing. I could also see it as menu loop for a game, though what type of game exactly eludes me. Maybe a puzzle game or something.

But yeah, a very mellow, relaxing tune that loops pretty well. I can't offer you any criticism, it's great at what it does. :)

Keep up the good work!

race1 responds:

Thanks. YES, a puzzle game or music game menu is a good point. Maybe in the "trophy room" section where it shows all of your items you've won or on a game where you enter your name by your score.

Thanks for listening. I really appreciate the review.

The Mingler The Mingler

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Bloody Wonderful

First of all, let me just say, you have amazing range as an artist, both in music and otherwise. I enjoy both your more 'disturbing' works, Salad Fingers and the like, and you quirky 'Locust Toybox' and such music to the fullest.

This song has been looping for maybe an hour tonight, and at least as long last night. It manages to function both as the subject of my full attention and as background music, depending on how bored I am.

I tried to describe particular instruments I enjoyed the use of (the steel drums being one I particularly enjoy), but they all work so well together that I really have a hard time picking. If you wrote out all the instruments you used and showed the list to me, I'd probably say you would come up with nothing but a horrid cacophony of noise, but then you would make this amazing song and shove it in my face, so I'm glad you didn't.

I am sorry that I can't offer any constructive criticism on this one. The only thing I could ask for is for it to be longer, but really, it's quite fantastic as is.

Please keep up the good work; song like this, Juice Box, and Crayon Miracle have the ability to put a smile on my face any day of the week, and that's only the ones I remember off the top of my head :)

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Gouge it out (Metal) Gouge it out (Metal)

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I don't have much to say on this one, man. It was just great from start to finish, imho.

I guess I did notice some spots that were a little chaotic, but hell, it's metal. \m/

For a solo-vessel, it stands on its own as a song pretty damn well.

Keep it up!


Oh, and sorry about the delay. I've been NG-absent for awhile now ><;;

(NUB)Daryl's Memory (NUB)Daryl's Memory

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I was reminded of Mario 64 somehow by this song. The calm, enchanting piano that starts the song of is, obviously, beautiful, but also, it seemed familiar. When the synth came in, I was reminded of an under-water sort of theme. Mario comes to mind, but I could be thinking of something else.

Anyway, I'm going to play the song again now to see if I can find any specifics to critique... The intro is perfect. There seems to be a sweeping in the back that is very relaxing, almost like (in keeping with the watery theme in my mind :P) waves quietly crashing in. The reverb on the instruments is great, the drums are a great touch (I love how they're added in there without making the song seem too fast-paced). 2:30 in particular caught my attention, very soothing. Also, the outro is great. There are so many sounds working in unison to please the ear, it's wonderful. And the song ends at a good time too; before it has any chance of becoming stale.

Things to work on: Not a whole lot. There seems to be an odd glitch at 1:00 when the drums come in (not sure if it's done on purpose but imho, it doesn't fit the song), and at about 1:36 there's a synth that fades in and out that makes some weird harmonizing effect that grates on the ears a little. Keep in mind, though, that this is now the fourth time I've listened to it, and listened good. I had to really look for it, it's nothing blaring.

A great song man, I had to look hard to find things I didn't like. You mentioned how you like my reviews, but for the quality of your music, I couldn't NOT acknowledge a couple songs when I get the chance.

Keep up the good work as always!


nubbinownz responds:

Thank you again friend, You always make amazing reviews. The harmonizing was intended, .. well not intentionally grating .. but either way I see what you're talking about :D <3

These Mistakes are Mine Alone These Mistakes are Mine Alone

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I thought I already reviewed this song in the past. Guess not.

I may have told you this before, but I actually like this one better than the second.

The piano in the beginning actually gives me shivers. Even when my window is closed. It's nothing flashy, but it has a lot of character.

When the drums came in, the first time I listened to it, I was kind of disappointed they interrupted the beautiful piano music, but that feelings lasted maybe a millisecond before I could feel how well they fit together. It manages to be calm and relaxing and yet pump me up at the same time.
The audio sample killed it. Like, in the good way :P It's perfect, and it sounds really familiar. Is that like, Gandalf's voice? lol

The synth near two minutes is great too, just makes the song that much more enchanting.

I think I heard... a sample of children at a playground or something, sort of hidden in there? It's at like 2:25. It's a great touch, going into detail like that. Just tiny things like that make a song so much better.

Not the best review cos it's getting late, but just know that it's a great song. Maybe my favourite by you, can't recall them all at the moment. DL'd it and everything.


nubbinownz responds:

good catch on the sample at 2:25 it's children playing at a park :). I love your reviews man, and I appreciate them always.

(NUB) Fight For Noone (NUB) Fight For Noone

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's great!

Bahaha first of all let me say, one vote put it up .19 XD

Now, to the good part.

I can find little to fault in this, actually. The only thing is that it sounds a tad busy at ~2:20 (where it breaks down). Something sounds like it's clashing a bit there.

Other that that, I love it. Which is saying something, because there's only really one other chiptunes artist I can listen to without getting a headache from the beeping :P

Keep it up!

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you very much for the review, I needed that, that's for sure. I was starting to think that my chiptunes were just crap and that I should give it up lol. I mean, honestly I have a blast making them it's a whole different thing for me. Thank you very much man, I'm going to keep working on them <3

AlxEllis - Electronic Funk AlxEllis - Electronic Funk

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It has promise

It started off pretty well, but kind of lapsed from there on. You had two parts at once right near the beginning (0:22) and it sounded great, but the rest of the song needs another part playing or some more complicated drums or something just to mix it up and keep in interesting.

It's not half bad though, you should consider remixing it with some more depth.

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AlxEllis responds:

Thanks for reviewing i shall keep tht in mind thanks m8